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Examining Means Testing & Additional Financial Aid for In-Home Care

4th December 2018

For many elderly and disabled people, in-home care is the best solution for their long-term care needs, as it means they are able to maintain a degree of personal independence and live in familiar surroundings, with the support of their loved ones. However, the cost of home care is an important consideration. As the Money […]

Feeling Stuck In The Middle?

20th November 2018

In recent years, those in the care sector have become increasingly concerned about a phenomenon known as ‘sandwich care’ and it is estimated that there are now 2.4 million sandwich carers living in the United Kingdom. This refers to people who are simultaneously caring for children and older parents at the same time. Those who are […]

Is It Time For a Complete Restructure of Our Care System?

6th November 2018

The National Health Service is facing a health and social care crisis at present, and the challenge is primarily caused by the fact that people are living longer than ever before. As a result, there are now more people living with disabilities or illnesses which require care, and the current system is struggling to cope […]


How to Find the Right Round-the-Clock Home Care Support

18th October 2018

Finding the right round-the-clock home care support is extremely important for those who require help around the house, but it is also a process that needs to be undertaken carefully. After all, you will be inviting care workers into your home, or the home of a loved one, and this requires a great deal of […]


The Right Career Path in Home Care

8th October 2018

Social care is an extremely rewarding career path, and one that is also becoming increasingly important in the United Kingdom, where an ageing population and increased strains on the National Health Service represent serious challenges. Today, it is estimated that there are more than 1.5 million people employed in the adult social care sector alone, […]


Newsletter Spring/Summer 2018

11th July 2018

Hello, Camille Leavold, Managing Director/Co-Founder After a cold and snowy winter, Spring has definitely sprung in Hertfordshire. We’ve had a really busy start to the year with 61 new care workers joining the Abbots team since January after completing their care certificates. Learning and development is something we place a high value on at Abbots […]


Meet our Customer Service Co-ordinator

8th June 2018

At Abbots Care we have an organisational culture of respect and appreciation of our front line care teams. All of our Directors have held front line care roles and understand how challenging the Home Care Worker role can be. We value and support our care teams and believe that they are as much our customers […]


Gender Pay Gap

15th May 2018

Abbots Care is committed to displaying with full transparency the diversity they show throughout their recruitment process. The focus is not just on gender for equal pay and benefits but the staff diversity is apparent through many other areas. The focus remains on employing the right staff to offer first class care at every level. […]


Recruitment and Retention – with bells and whistles!

27th March 2018

The secret to success of any small business are their people. Our mantra, at Abbots Care has always been “find good people, pay them well, value them, offer endless training and learning opportunities, offer progression, and then never let them leave”. The market in 1995, when we started Abbots Care, was a lot kinder to […]


A truly rewarding recruitment career within the Social Career Industry

27th March 2018

Working as a recruiter within the care industry is very different to most industries.